Dave Sutliff-Atias was born and raised in Rochester.  He went to Rochester City Schools for most of his childhood, graduatiA 2 year old child in an ugly polka dotted shirt waving.ng from Franklin High School in 1984.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in History and a Master of Science degree in Education from SUNY Brockport.

A team picture of a high school football team in bleachers, wearing red jerseys.Dave is a New York State certified teacher for social studies and students with disabilities.  He has taught in schools in the City and surrounding suburbs in varied settings with students of all abilities including Rochester School for the Deaf, St. Joseph’s Villa (now known as Villa of Hope), Penfield, Fairport, RCSD, and the Ontario County Jail.  Dave has worked with children at Hillside Children's Center and has also been a systems advocate at the Center for Disability Rights.

An activist in the community for decades, Dave has been fighting for environmental protection, progressive education, police accountability, anti-violence, eradicating poverty, ending systemic racism, and ending corporate welfare.

Dave is alsA black & white picture of a woman taking a selfie of her and a man in a radio studio.  She's standing, he's sitting at a microphone talking.o one of the founders of 106.3 FM, WRFZ-LP, Rochester Free Radio.  A local, low-powered community radio station.  [Update: He left the management team of RFR in June 2017.] He is a co-founder and co-host of the long-running podcast, The Stuart Bedasso Show.

Dave lives in the North Winton Village area with his wife, Evora, daughter, Julia, and two cats, Geddy and Artemis. Two women and a man standing next to each other outdoors. The first is wearing a white & red flower print dress, the other is wearing wedding attire and the man is wearing a black baseball jersey of the Rochester Redwings

“I am proud to be from Rochester and take pride in our community even with the challenges we face.  I look at our problems as opportunities to create a society that not only helps us, but to be an example for communities all over the world.  Together we can create a local economic system that benefits everyone, that improves our environment, and makes us all safer. 

I am eager to earn your vote during this campaign and to work with you once elected to City Council.”



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