Corporate Welfare

I will not vote for a project that includes local corporate welfare.

Corporate welfare consists of government handouts to corporations (usually larger ones) to create and/or retain jobs.  Tax breaks, PILOT’s (payment in lieu of taxes), and municipal construction of dedicated infrastructure are only some of the ways our elected officials undermine the fiscal health of our city.  While this practice is by no means just a Rochester issue – virtually every municipality participates in corporate welfare in some way – Rochester has been giving away the store for decades.  Among the reasons we should stop this practice include:

*It does not work.  In almost every instance, corporate welfare does not create the jobs it promises to.

*It creates unfair competition between the companies that get corporate welfare and already existing (usually local) companies.

*When corporations get to not pay their taxes, you and I have to make up for the loss of tax revenue

Won’t stopping corporate welfare mean companies will not want to start-up or move here?

Not the companies that care about the community they are in.  It will work with you to prevent the companies from coming who will leave Rochester as soon as the next big tax break offer comes along.  Participating in this is a race to the bottom.  There are ways to foster economic growth in Rochester that is not just for those who already have.

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