Members of our city government are currently being investigated for corruption by Federal agencies.  That is an appropriate way to find out what, if anything, is going on.  But, to stem corruption and perceived corruption within out City Government, I will propose and support legislation stipulating that:

*No company, non-profit, union, PAC, individuals employed by such entities, nor unaffiliated individuals, will be allowed to do business with the City of Rochester if they have given political contributions of any kind within the last 10 years.  Proven efforts to get around this will result in a permanent ban from City business.  The 10 year time period would be effective from the time of the passing of legislation, though any contracts already signed would be honored.

*No former employee of the City of Rochester, nor the company they work for after working for the City will be allowed to do business with the City for 10 years after their employment.  This is only if the person takes on a managerial position within their new company or runs their own business.  Current contracts will be honored, but not extended.

*Former employers of current City workers can only do business with the City of Rochester when there is solid proof that there is no other appropriate company to fulfill a crucial need of the City that directly involves constituents. 

I would also like to create a task force to investigate City officials who own and/or are connected to other residential properties in the surrounding suburbs to make sure they actually live in the City of Rochester. 

[Note: My legislation would be for all people employed by the City of Rochester, contractors, and elected officials.]

Some of these ideas may seem a bit drastic, but even the appearance of “pay-for-play” affects the City’s bottom line and erodes the confidence citizens have in government. 

A printout of someone's financial filings with the board of elections.  A $1250 contribution from developer Fred Rinaldi is highlightedAn example of a suburban developer's contribution to a City Council campaign from 2015.
Click here to see the entire pdf.

Make no mistake, these provisions will not fix all that ails us within city government.  Many changes need to be made at the State and Federal levels. 

And while some people who are used to rich, out-of-towners having undue influence on our government may upset by my ideas, individuals are still welcome to exercise their free speech by helping their favorite political campaigns by going door-to-door, phone banking, stuffing envelopes, etc.  These are the same activities that are available to people who do not have money or special access.

Public service is just that.  Service.

A screencap of a Tweet from reporter David Andretta supporting my proposed legislation.

More ways to combat corruption will be detailed in the campaign’s plank on Elections. (TBA)

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