How Much Do You Hate Trump?

I’m going to frame the upcoming Presidential election in a way that I hope will elicit reflection, then conversation, followed by action. 

The 2020 election for people who are not going to vote for Donald Trump comes down to a simple question: How much do you hate Donald Trump?

Do you hate Donald Trump more than you believe that Black Lives Matter?
Do you hate Donald Trump more than you want universal healthcare?
Do you hate Donald Trump more than you want to stop the indiscriminate bombing of black and brown people around the world?
Do you hate Donald Trump more than you fear the effects of climate change?
How about money in politics?
Wanting marijuana legalized?
Defunding the police?
Eradicating Covid-19?

Because a vote for Joe Biden is a vote to actively prevent those things and history has shown that the momentum we have now will not continue if we have to fight Joe Biden on these issues.

You agree that we need to do something about systemic racism, right?  Could or should Black people wait another four years for a President who agrees?  Because having our next president be a co-author of Bill Clinton’s crime bill will just be another huge roadblock for progress.

What about all of the people over the next four years who are going to die because they didn’t have access to health care?  Are you willing to vote for their deaths?  Sounds extreme, but Biden is stuck on Obamacare.  There are going to be a lot of preventable deaths happening in those four years due to a Biden presidency.

Same question for climate change.  Do we have four years to nibble around the edges? 

You may have the privilege of being able to hate Donald Trump more than you want these things, but not everyone is that lucky.

That’s why I’m not only voting for, but actively helping Howie Hawkins and his running mate, Angela Walker.  They are the ONLY choice if you believe Black Lives Matter, that health care is a human right, and that we need drastic action on climate change.  There is no one else running who has plans for all of these things.  Check out what Howie and Angela will work on when elected.  Donald Trump is disgusting, but I refuse to vote for what I don't want.  I'm voting for what I want as part of my activism.

A chart comparing Howie Hawkins, Joe Biden, & Donald Trump

Yes, I know.  You have a lot of feelings on this.  Right now I just want to focus on one thing: How much do you hate Donald Trump?  So let’s ruminate on that, make comments and ask questions and we will go further in future posts.  Among the things we'll talk about: the "spoiler" effect, the real world effect of voting Green, and more.

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