How Can Howie Hawkins Win the Election?

If you’ve read “How Much Do You Hate Trump?” and “Why Vote for Howie Hawkins?” and you’re still on board, I appreciate your open-mindedness.  But even with the last post – all the things voting for Howie can do to help the Green Party at every level of government – you may still be a bit skeptical.  I know.  As a long-time Green I hear this argument during every campaign I’ve helped with, including my own.  I have had people tell me that they will vote for Greens when they show they can win.

Then how are they supposed to win?  Elfin Magic?

But let’s stay in the present.  How can Howie Hawkins become president?  Looking at the first post, there are tens of millions of people who want specific things that neither the Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian have said they will work for.  So let’s take a look at some of those things using the best numbers we can find.

There are 45 million people who have student debt.  Howie Hawkins is the only candidate who has a plan to reduce student debt.  The other three?  Crickets.  If those 45 million people voted for the one candidate who will reduce student debt.  That’s 45 million votes for Howie

There are different numbers all over the place, but using a conservative number (no pun intended), 69% of the country wants single-payer health care.  Hawkins is the only of the four who want single-payer, more-or-less has a plan for it.  (Howie has a plan for it, by the way.)  That's 69% of the voters who will show up to vote which is around 95 million people voting for Howie.

Neither the Democrat or Republican favor legalizing marijuana, yet around 65% of the country wants it.  So split those voters with the Libertarian candidate, and let’s say that’s about 35 million voters each. 

It’s difficult to find current numbers on a lot of the issues that Howie Hawkins stands out on, but if you’ve been reading these posts, you’ve seen this graphic.

A three columned chart comparing Howie Hawkins with Biden & Trump

Of course there is crossover here between those who have student debt, want single payer, and want weed legalized.  But think of how many of those voters would normally just go and blindly vote for the two corporate parties.  Tens of millions of votes going from the other two to the Green candidate.  Their totals go down, Howie’s goes up to an unprecedented amount.  Enough to win.

The graphic above shows the issues where Howie stands alone.  If all the people who like what Howie stands for voted their values, we would have the first Green President… in a landslide.  The question is how to get people to vote their values.  The answer is simple, but difficult to pull off.

You have to make it happen.

The corporate media isn’t going to help.  Even pseudo-progressives like Democracy Now have shut the Howie Hawkins out.  Pollsters constantly refuse to put Green candidates in their questions, then people note that the Greens don’t poll well.  You can’t get poll numbers if you’re not included in the poll.  The debate commission is run by Democrats and Republicans, so you know 3rd party candidates aren’t getting into the debate.  Yep.  It’s up to you to make it happen.  How?

  • Post stuff from the Howie Hawkins campaign on you social media.  You can start by liking the campaign Facebook page and following the Twitter feed.  Heck, throw in Instagram.  Share, re-tweet, and like daily. 
  • Write a letter-to-the-editor. 
  • Tell people in conversation that you’re voting for Howie.  Normalize voting Green. 
  • Volunteer to phone or text bank.
  • Of course, donate.


An increased number of people voting for the Green Party will not only put a Green in the White House, but help future candidates running for US Senate, state legislature, city council, village trustee, and more. 

It’s your choice.   More of the same or the future you actually want.  It’s a big lift, but we can do it if we work together. 

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