We Need A Real Police Accountability Board

All over the country, we have been trained to believe that the police have our best interests at heart.  But a thoughtful look at the reality reveals that this isn’t the case.  Historically, police departments in the United States were invented to be slave catchers.  Throughout our history, the police have been used to protect the elite and their riches.  And just recently, the A white man sitting at a table reading New Jim Crow by Michelle AlexanderSupreme Court has ruled that the police have no obligation to protect citizens

These national issues are mirrored locally.  There are countless instances of police being abusive to citizens in the city – particularly in depressed areas where mostly people of color live.  And when police are called out on it, nothing happens.  Barbara Lacker-Ware & Ted Forsyth did an exhaustive study on this and it shows the need for a true citizen-run Police Accountability Board (PAB).  [See the report here.]

I have been involved with the Police Accountability Board Alliance for a while.  The Mayor and City Council have taken our proposal for a true Police Accountability Board, tweaked it, and have put it up for a referendum vote in the upcoming election.  It's not perfect, but when you go to vote for me this November, please vote in favor of creating a PAB.  Once created, if the PAB does not meet the needs of our community, I will work with citizens to propose legislation that fixes whatever is not appropriate.

Read the proposed legislation here.

The creation of a true PAB is not the only thing we must do.  We have to transform the institutions we have created that deal with behavioral transgressions.  The long-term goal should be to virtually eliminate the need for a police department.  The reality is that this will not happen – at least in my lifetime – but that is the direction we should be working toward.  This includes a deeper emphasis on prevention and normalizing the use of Restorative Justice practices. We should also be replacing some officers with mental health counselors and peer addiction coaches

True prevention is not made of programs that try to tell people how to behave, but is changing our society in ways that we know will reduce crime: ending economic inequality, relevant educational practices, and honestly ending systemic racism. 

But these things cannot be successful while we have an occupying police force wreaking havoc in our community.  We need a real Police Accountability Board.

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