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  • David Sutliff Atias
    commented 2019-06-14 16:46:36 -0400
    Howard, you bring up some good points. The concept of busing kids all over town is based on the concept of competition. If you want to attract the “good” city students, clean up your act, market your school, etc. It’s like a sports league, the so-called good schools will attract the so called good students, teachers, & administrators. This is why I prefer the community school concept. Of course, that will only even things out if our city wasn’t so segregated. THAT’S where the Mayor & City Council can help.
  • Howard Nielsen
    commented 2019-06-14 14:53:17 -0400
    Everyone talks about the Suburban Schools and how the City Schools could have the same type of success that some of these Schools have had. I grew up in the Town of Irondequoit and went to the k-12th grade. I raised my 2 Sons in the City’s 10th Ward and noticed many of the Families were moving out by the time they’re kid was in the 5-6th grades. The big difference that I saw between the two school districts is that in the Suburbs the schools have tighter geographic areas. The old saying that " it takes a village to raise a child" works well when families over time get to know each-other and look out for each-others children.
    As it stands now in the City School district children from one part of the City can choose a High School all the way across town in a way the neighborhood connections are broken down. Not that long ago in our City’s history the High Schools were neighborhood High Schools in which many people and businesses took pride not only in their neighborhood but also in their local schools. It’s the neighborhoods and the families that make the schools strong.
    I think this would be a good first start for the City schools!

    Community Supporter, Howard Nielsen