These links will take you to a blog post about each issue.  This will allow us to share our ideas for Rochester on social media more readily and with purpose.  We'll be adding a new platform plank or statement weekly so come back often, leave comments and suggestions.

Adopt the Emergency Tenant Protection Act

Children's Savings Accounts  (updated)

Corporate Welfare

Cooperatives  (updated)

CorruptionA white male sitting at a table working on a laptop  (updated w/video)


Disabilities Issues Survey

Economic Development


End the War on Drugs


Gun Violence


How Can We Pay For Everything? (the budget)  (updated)

Increase Library Hours

Increase Rec Center Hours

Labor Day & Unions

Land Use & Development

Participatory Budgeting

Police Accountability Board  (updated)

Public Energy Company

Restorative Justice

SUNY Chancellor Must Divest

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